Discover (and save!) So, what do Aussies mean when they say: “Let’s grab a slab from the bottle-o for our piss-up later.” A … Sheila slang. Share these words with your introvert friend and he might never stop talking. But never got chance to be station in Australia. What does that mean? Great. digby BTW, I remember it as “mad as a cut snake”, and grouse is definitely Victorian Shaggers back – Too much rooting. Shootin’ Blanks/= Fellah that’s “had the snip”/vasectomy and no semen/swimmers exit when he’s done, he’s just shooting blanks. As an aside, it would be fair to say, a majority of blokes down the beach would usually Boardies or Boardshorts, unless they were in some type of event like lifesaving or swimming. Always thought a “goon” was another word for flagon (large bottle of wine). Monash Carpark – Monash Freeway (Especially during peak hour) Wear check etcher longer ray?” It means are you starting a fight or argument after saying something insulting or you’re telling someone off Tinnie=can of beer Most of the slang is slang but most Aussie slang has 2 translations and only one is given. Your email address will not be published. Pineapple – $50 Note Sooky – My mum (born in 1926) was the youngest of four girls living in Adelaide. In some American, urban, subcultures you may hear: Extremely versatile word for your vocab. spliff Fair Warning : If this is said to you WITHOUT smile or a laugh, if they did not enunciate with an inquisitive or playful connotation: You more then likely, offended, annoyed or perhaps even angered and/or enraged them in some way for some reason. Most dramatically: “Please, tell me you’re joking! The term is usually pejorative, but it can also be regarded as a joke between friends. Parkies/Park People/=Vagrants that live in/haunt parks. Ex: can I grab you a cuppa? Runners / joggers = sports shoes You can also use “thanks heaps” when you are really grateful to someone for doing something for you or “cheers” to combine both “thank you”‌ and “goodbye” ‌in a single word. Have a gander You got it arse about you drongo – A stubby holder is to prevent your hands from warming the beer. Chuck a darkie= get angry Where can I get a gonk? The moulded type are usually factory produced and more uniform in size and shape. True blue – genuinely Australian Bush – doesn’t mean outback. Who the hell thought that one up? !” Doing a Bradbury – Wining by virtue of everybody in front of you falling over I’m a Yank who lived in UK a bit. Didn’t see no mention of any Rangas (red heads) in this list. E.g. Australian slang words and phrases only Aussies know. Me 55 born n bred blues (NSW)…. The Sheilas ' Wheels product will include a number of unique benefits designed for the female driver - such as pounds 300 handbag and contents cover if your bag is stolen from your car, a 24-hour counselling line for drivers suffering trauma on the road and a network of repairers trained to follow a female-friendly code of practice. Here’s one I haven’t seen anyone mention yet…Same dog, different leg! Rack off = Go away Let’s just say it only refers to men, and they tend to be wearing speedos! you should avoid using the Australian slang in business or formal contexts because it could do more harm than good. Fed Square – Federation Square Sua gosto de ti ler meu mente ! “You can’t be serious! 5 minutes a day. A Billabong is an Aboriginal word. Nina. Context of someone being a wanker or up themselves: “Fuck me, that James guy is a flog” How about doing some “Bobbie duffing, or chucking a Uie, a U turn, or squaffing a tinnie. For example, when being prompted by your fellow shearers to get up for work, one might say “fair go, I’ve got half a mongrel here”. Number 9 isn’t correct, we call them togs, not bathers or swimsuits lol. As much as I’d like to claim Australia to be the origin. In the late 19th century when the English Lord Roberts created the London police, the recruits were given a silver shilling, 12 pennies, similar to 10 cents today, but a lot of money then. In the bolocky – same as above Oooo rooooo = good bye. Good crack similar to Scot’s Irish and English just a bit more childish. Hey just a couple more to add to your list you have some rippers on there An Esky was the brand name of big portable container used to keep food or drink cool. Ya look like you just shoved a whole spoon of Vegemite down ya gob’ or even ‘why don’t ya come around for a shrimp on the barbie mate’ Sheila – Babe/woman; Pash – A kiss; ... Australian Slang, American Ears. Screamer – a great mark (Aussie Rules term) Flanno – flannelette shirt, Yakka is under Hard Yakka (no. ‘Hoon’. Maccas is always used. Tommy Rot/= British BS/lies/propaganda; also reference to British standards of class distinction/protocols/etiquette That’s as Aussie as a meat pie! American English Australian Meaning to look for something, The “Mort” referring to the wife. Dry as a dead dingo’s donger. A Galah is a parrot with a loud screech. ?” Bogan. Chaddy – Chadstone Shopping Centre Be carefull Dead set f*cken true c**t. Dumbarse. #89 It’s not so your hands don’t get cold while your drinking…’For Pete’s Sake’ It’s so your beer stays cold, yer Drongo. CBD – Central Business District or main part of city (Not sure if this is slang, but whenever I say CBD outside Aus nobody knows what I’m talking about) Scanning through it I found an expression that I just had to share: “He’s got kangaroos loose in the top paddock“. It’s top notch! Already knew most of these but you could me with a few, What about the word Chockers …full up or the road is completely filled with cars, chuck a blocky- similiar to a U-ie except wider going round a block, also used when searching for a house or place, Are you all actually Australian It wasn't easy but we've tried to include uniquely Australian slang here and to exclude British and American slang even though these are commonly used in Australia. Irrelevant of origin. Hi Stephen, thanks for your input. ? glad wrap – cling wrap I collect positive words and I didn’t have that one in my collection. Some of the slang terms are also only used in certain parts of Australia and not others. [Shortening and alteration of pomegranate, Pummy Grant, alterations of Jimmy Grant, probably rhyming alteration of immigrant.] Basically, when you are camping you can’t watch traditional television, so you watch the “bush telly”: the campfire, the stars or just… the bush. Required fields are marked *. , I am Australian and I haven’t heard most of these words on here. It’s so entertaining, you’ll become addicted. sparkie (electrician) “He’s a bit of a mongrel” would refer to someone you don’t trust. ‘Ave a root’. Her boy cousins out in the bush called her a sooky = soft, timid. Other meanings & alternative phrases. Bunta: crazy/irate ex: I’m gonna go Bunta on her! It probably originated from the high number of female immigrants from Ireland called Sheelagh. Full as a goog – eaten so much that I couldn’t eat any more. Dogs breakfast Tone is very important with this kind of language it’s mainly used as banter with a bit of wrestling, It was now it covers all the cheap nasty stuff in the casks and bottles. Close but it’s supposed to be “carked it” which means something is dead, broken or has stopped working. Hossie=hospital Rubber=eraser. Flogged or flogging came from early convict times, where men and women were flogged as punishment. One of the most common Australian slang words. Pissed off can also mean there just really annoyed, not just drunk, Tinny may be a area or state saying, like grouse in Victoria meaning great. Jeez ‘aussie’ – No need to go off like a raw prawn. When I first came to Australia. Much like pissuh, sometimes emphasized with the all purpose adverb, f*ckin, as in f*ckin pissuh. 3. I’d hate to think that people were trying to conceal slugs in their cossies when someone conceived the name sluggos. That’s a new one. Nice Kate. Article by Jennifer O'Reilly. They had to have a dedicated slang term for kangaroos too, didn’t they? When you look through the list of 100 Australian Slang Words & Phrases, you’ll see a couple of slang words and phrases that relate to drinking alcohol. ya mad bastard, performs unbelievable tasks wearing thongs, drinkin piss, sayin she’ll be right ,kenoath, short for F*%king oath (exaggeration) catch the game last night “kenoath i did ” Dad’n’Dave/=Shave. shaggin wagon, big car with lay down back seat or bed in back! Was made famous by Steve Irwin. avocado-avo. !” Howlin’ Tommy/=Whingeing Pomm. In New South Wales, they are usually referred to as “scallops” or potato scallops, however the term “potato cakes” is used across the southern states of Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and known in South Australia as a potato fritter. Some are just ‘Barry McKenzie’ joke slang, but not in real use. Aussie slang is definitely fun to listen to and if you’re planning to visit or live in Australia, well you gotta gear up and polish your knowledge on Aussie terms. Bloody funny accent that was! 2013. Você aparecem entender tanto aproximadamente , como você escreveu Tuck Shop/= Corner Shop selling Tucker/Food, usually groceries but including pies, pasties, “Lead Sinkers”(dried fruit slices) and sundry other cakes,lollies,and cold/soft drinks. You’ll ask for a “bikkie” just to hear yourself say it. Crocodile Dundee had a gonk. Some phrases can be a bit more difficult to work out than the abbreviations Australians use. Pages in category "Australian slang" The following 20 pages are in this category, out of 20 total. As you probably know, “Aussie” is slang for “Australian”. Thank you very much for this information. Good onya. Some of these are also used in various other English speaking countries as well with the same or very similar meanings. Spot on…..goon is the abbreviation for flagon – a large 2 or 3 litre glass bottle of wine. Is a phrase that has nothing at all to do with what bicycle, bus,Uber or train you plan on taking to get there, or go home! Here are a list of some common slang words (some found in other English speaking countries) that should help you get by…. I’ve met heaps of overseas visitors over the past 12 years as a Park Ranger and not one of them has ever heard the term ‘D & M’ as in ‘a deep and meaningful conversation’ or ‘serious conversation’ at a social gathering They all think it’s a great term Their other favourites are dag and galah. Yeah nah , i don`t think i`d wana root for a whole team , sounds slutty, Maybe come to Vic if you have never herd someone say there rooted it’s a very common term for tired and unless your going fishin everyone calls a beer a tinny you silly Muppets, You’ve got kangaroos loose in the top paddock mate. Stuffed = tired, wore out No wuckas – the full explanation is that it’s short for “no wuckin’ furries”, which is a humorous and slightly more polite way to say “no f*ckin’ worries”. (xD I’m sorry I was joking about that last one) Copy and paste the following HTML into your website code: Bloody oath – yes or its true. So if your car broke down, you could technically say, “The car’s carked it.” However it sounds a little funny, so we’d refer to a component of the car, like, “The engine’s carked it.” Although I guess you could say, “Did you hear about how The Large Hadron Collider completely carked it?” but that still sounds a little off. – When people want to know what’s going on, or they’re requesting the “goss” (gossip), they ask what the John Dory is. And that’s a missed opportunity. Deadly: of it’s not poisonous and it’s deadly then it’s awesome ‘Yo’/ ‘Hey’/ ‘Oi’ – ¹exclamation to get someones attention, ²to call attention to, ³to greet someone. Barrack, root for your team – a little obscure but certainly usable and used. You’ll speak like a native in no time. “Ute” in Strine is a truck or SUV, not to be confused with utes (plural) from “My Cousin Vinnie,” where it refers to youths, or as Vinne explains to the judge, “youthes.”. Tastes like cats piss – really bad beer Some clown went walkabout out woop woop and got eaten by a wombat! Drop the aitch off of any word beginin with a H/h; Horse= ‘Orse; House= ‘Owse etc Your email address will not be published. You will soon become accustomed to this! A few cans short of a six pack (beer). James Clarke, I’m Aussie, born and raised. mr-sir Drier than a dingo’s donga, I think is more “A dead dingo’s donga.” I’m drier than or I’m as dry as. Note: the voice must rise up in pitch at the end of that question. I speak as a ten pound pom; a whingeing pommie bludger – 53 years ago. That place right between your boobs. The best part? The word “bogan” is a typically Aussie slang word as well. ?” Captain Cook = A look o guia nele ou algo. Like Rudy she is an anthropomorphic lizard, but she has bring pink hair.